What's better than a vacation? A lifestyle change!

Time For Changes

I never thought I could do it, now I wish I had done it a long time ago!

Never thought I could  buy a condo within 5 mins walking distance to the beach for under $60K. Never thought I would have an overseas bank account. Never thought I would get out of my cubicle and leave the Matrix and the rat race. I am offering 30 to 45 mins consultation for my Taylor Made Dream people who want to escape the Matrix. The fee is $25 dollars and those who are already a patron supporter as of 3/15/18 do not have to pay the fee. You can pay using PayPal, Cashapp or join me and my Patron family. As a Patron supporter you will have first invite to all Yacht parties, Private parties or any special events. 

What the hell was I thinking, and what the hell are you waiting for? It's time to escape the Matrix!

Some of us just can't pack up and go, even though we wish we could, I understand that. However there are things you can be doing right now to make that someday soon. Why not buy property overseas instead of purchasing a property in the US. Why do you not have a bank account in your favorite playground of the world. Instead of taking vacations take business trips you can write off and get paid. Stop playing checkers while everyone else is playing CHESS! 

Take the Red Pill and escape the Matrix

 Wouldn't you like to turn that destination trip into a lifestyle change? Time to start letting go of the excuses, the bullshit, the stress and headaches and live life on your terms. Think about living outside the Matrix in places like Brazil, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Germany, Panama, Thailand, Colombia, Peru, The Ivory Coast? Let me assist you with a road map. Did you know living outside the Matrix your cost of living can drop drastically. Did you know you can live off $1,500.00 US in places like Dominican Republic, Thailand, Phillipines. For just $2,500.00 you can enjoy all the amenities of Panama.  It's time to take the red pill. 

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